Aparna Sundar

Healing through Sound and Reiki

Aparna has been spiritually inclined since a very young age, having been greatly influenced by her maternal grandfather, who was a devotee of Swami Sivananda, and introduced her to the teachings of Ramana Maharishi, J. Krishnamurthi, and Sri Aurobindo, etc. She was first initiated into Reiki in 1998, at the tender age of 12, and has been healing family and friends ever since. As an introverted child, she took to music and spirituality to help cope with her social anxiety and low-self esteem issues. Music and sound have always been an integral part of her life, from learning Sanskrit mantras as a child, singing Indian classical ragas, playing the violin, and being fascinated with all kinds of percussion instruments such as drums and chimes. She truly connects with sound on a very deep emotional as well as spiritual level that immediately transports the listener to another dimension. There is nothing in this world that gives her more joy than elevating people's lives through music and sound. Her aim is to make healing practices accessible and affordable to anyone who needs it. She firmly believes in the holistic approach to life, and realizes the importance of the mind, body, spirit connection to overall well-being.